The Kingdom Below

The story so far...

Some stuff happened and not all of us were here for it.

A quick synopsis of the events so far…

The party awakened in the cell of an ancient castle, stripped of all but the most basic equipment. They broke out in short order and began to work their way out of the castle only to run into a group of weak, weak orcs who they quickly subdued.

After a quick sweep of the castle dungeon in which they were trapped, the party bedded down for the night only to awaken to find that their orcish captives had snuck out in the night.

The party hastened to leave the castle, climbing up out of the dungeon and into the castle’s ruined courtyard, surrounded by collapsed walls. The party were met with a shock, however, when they found the a squad of soldiers standing over the corpses of the group of orcs.

The soldiers, who wore the insignia of a bloody hand on their armor, seemed to be spoiling for a fight but were dissuaded thanks to some quick talking by the party’s rogue, Blergk. Rather than going to battle, the party was soon charged with hunting down an orc named Og, one who had deserted the horde of the Bloody Hand. With little else to go in on this foreign land, and promises of riches fresh in their minds, the party set out to the west in search of the town of Hearthhaven.

After three day’s march and a brief delay thanks to some rather inept bandits the party arrived at Hearthhaven, a small but well-fortified city on the far side of a monstrous chasm which stretched off into the distance as far as the eye could see. A bridge, old and well made but worn down by time, stretched across the chasm, where the party met their first denizens of Hearthaven.

The bridge’s two lazy guards were soon joined by their commander after the party decided that honesty was (mostly) the best policy. After some diplomacy was employed, the party were allowed into the city by the now bemused guards.

Seeking shelter for the night, the party headed to the Cliff Top Inn, an establishment that catered to travelers in better days. After getting some rest, purchasing some supplies, and annoying the surly old innkeeper, the party headed to the local temple of the god Nethys, where the guards indicated they could start their search for Og.

On arriving at the temple, however, the party was confronted by a cultist and her retinue of goblins. After some heroic pew kicking by the paladin and getting stabbed by the barbarian (plus some less than heroic hiding by Blergk) the party’s enemies were vanquished.

Among all the dead bodies and general carnage lay the temple’s priest, slowly bleeding out on the floor. Ganeh, seeing a priest of his god in peril, slid across the floor to stabilize the old man and, as the healing powers of the god of death and magic flowed through him, the session ended.


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