Blergk (Travis)

The clumsy orcish pirate rogue with a silver tongue.


Important Facts About Blergk

Blergk often hides in bushes.

Blergk was a pirate growing up.

Notable Moments

One time, Blergk through luck and charm overcame his (half) orcish handicap and was able to talk a group of soldiers, who were hunting escaped orcs and looking for a fight, into employing him and his suddenly appearing friends who he had lied about having.

Another time, Blergk spent most of a battle against a cultist and a group of goblins hiding, only popping out to fire off an arrow that hit the cultist right between the eyes, finishing her off where magic, snake venom, and the respective wraths of both a paladin and barbarian had failed.

Once, Blergk was so terrified by a fear spell that he pooped his pants. This occurred minutes after Blergk wet himself in order to distract a goblin.

Blergk (Travis)

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